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Bass Dots!

The NEW edition of Bass Dots 1 is now available at Amazon!


More details at bassdots.com.

The Bass Dots! e-book is available at Amazon

Cover of Bass Dots book

Music Tuition

Study music without travelling!

Efficient use of the lesson -
- just sit and play
No set-up time -
- you're ready already
Secure, relaxed environment -
- the safest by far
Choose your time -
- term-based, or not!

In the zone

You enjoy familiar surroundings and study harder, practise for longer.

Personal service

You receive one-to-one tuition and the tutor's full attention is on your progress. Tuition can be tailored to suit, weekly visits are recommended.

Bass guitar

Always on form

With advice on parts and minor repairs undertaken on the spot, your instrument has less "down-time", literally!