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Drum Tuition

Which bit is which?

This may not look like the kit that your idol drummer plays, but its a good starting point, and the most commonly available starter kit. Called a "five-piece" kit, since there are five drums. The picture shows a kit as played right-handed. Left-handed folk may reverse this set-up if they prefer (mirror-image of the above).

a drum-kitThe 5-piece drum-kit

Snare drum

Centre of your universe, so directly in front of you. Named after the wires stretched across the lower head, which give the drum its sound.

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a snare drumSnare drum

Bass drum

Struck with a foot operated pedal (with the right foot on a R.H. set-up), optional double pedal attachment shown above.

a bass, or kick drumBass drum


A pair of cymbals, normally apart, can be closed with the left foot (on a R.H. set-up).

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hi hat cymbals on standHi-hats


Smaller toms are bass-drum mounted, or "hanging", larger "floor" toms can have their own legs.



Variety of size, weight, and the way they are struck, give their types as crash, ride, splash, etc.

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