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Additional services


Music theory is proving popular alongside instrument tuition, and this can be included in the lesson plan.


A very powerful tool for the learning musician, on any instrument, the increasing use of recording software on computers is revealing the methods of the professional sound studio at home. It is a vital part of today's music industry, and I would recommend, for any pupil handy with a computer, the investment in an audio interface, which often includes free studio recording software.

Songs can be created using "virtual" instruments, and pupils can record their own performances, which often captures mistakes which might otherwise be overlooked.

Music is described on screen very differently to sheet music, which can help pupils to understand the nature of rhythm and pitch, and encourages development.

Transcription service.

It is often the case that a piece of music is the inspiration for taking up an instrument, or it may be due to the impression made by the music of a particular artist. Pupils can ask for transcriptions of chords, bass-lines or drum parts in order that we can focus on them during lessons. This is to ensure that you are working towards achieving your goals.

Instrumental service.

Pupils may additionally benefit from technical advice, and an intent to keep you working:

  • guitar and bass guitar: restrings, neck setting, set-ups, electrical repairs.
  • drum kit: assembly (new outfit packs), tuning, repairs.
  • amplifier: electrical repair, speaker upgrades.