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Drum Tuition

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to buy a drum kit before starting lessons?
Drummers MUST have sticks! Junior sticks are about 5 cm shorter than standard (40-42cm) sticks for ...er...juniors (up to 150cm).
A practice pad is cheap and might save a table's veneer. Even juniors have a mean backswing, but a kit should be considered in the first few months.
Am I ready for a full-size drum kit?
There is no full-size as such. Many adults and pros use small drums.
Large drums are loud
What size should I get?
If you can, sit down with a few kits to get a rough idea.
Drums are reliably described by their "skin" diameter in inches, and unreliably by terms like:
"Fusion", typically a 20" bass drum and toms between 10" and 14"; practical for most teenagers.
"Jazz", typically an 18" bass drum; enables smaller students to reach the mounted toms more easily.
"Junior", typically a 16" bass drum; toms between 8" and 12". Great sounding drums, but often poor fittings
Check the snare drum diameter, as this needs to stand comfortably between the knees.
A full-size (14" diameter) snare drum may be too large, 10" to 13" being common.
What about electronic kits?
I know drummers who perform regularly with them, and as a training tool they can be very useful.
Which drum is which?
The main parts are explained here.

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